• John Oliver's TV show attacks the supplement industry and Dr. Oz

    A very interesting video from John Oliver's TV show tell about how the supplement industry in the US is completely unregulated and how the misleading messages from Dr. Oz can lead to huge products' sells. A must see. Click here to see the ...

  • Our study on Mediterranean diet and childhood obesity attracted a lot of interest online

    The article describing the effects of the Mediterranean diet on childhood overweight and obesity and published on NMCD (Tognon et al., 2014) has attracted great interest and several online magazines have reported the news. In short, in this study ...


Attività in corso

La ricerca all'univertsità di Göteborg (Svezia)

My job as a researcher at the University of Gothenburg
In April 2010, I started a collaboration with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Here, I work as a researcher in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, which is included in the Sahlgrenska Academy.

The most important project I follow concerns the effects of the Mediterranean diet on health across the human lifespan, from children to the elderly. Concerning the latter, I recently published the results of research demonstrating that a diet pattern close to the Mediterranean diet was associated with an increased survival in a population of 70-year-old subjects sampled in Gothenburg area during the last 40 years (Tognon et al.,  2010 ). ...continue

Le mie lezioni all'univeristà di Pavia

My teaching activities include my lectures at the Master of Human Nutrition at the University of Pavia in Italy. My lectures in Pavia are "The fundamentals of Human Nutrition" and "Nutritional diagnostics". The topics I teach are nutrients, the evaluation of energy intake and expenditure, methods for the evaluation of body composition and biochemical tests for nutritional status assessment. ...continue

Public speaking

Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the experience, insight, and warmth of Gianluca Tognon. As an accomplished epidemiologist and acclaimed nutrition professional (degrees) as well as gifted author of books and articles in food science and human nutrition, he is an international expert on this field....continue