My name is Gianluca Tognon, I am a researcher, nutrition coach and author of several publications. My job is to understand how I can help my clients solve their problems with diet and weight, escorting them to their goals by supporting them with my advice, my competence and my reliability.
My long experience in research has helped me understand the importance of building a constructive relation with my clients, so that I can share with them the success of reaching the goals we set together.



To learn how to eat a healthy diet is a fundamental step to be healthier. To improve your relation with food and reduce the feeling of deprivation, eating in a more mindful way and start to enjoy each single food is essential.

As your nutrition coach, I can leverage on my previous experience with over 800 clients to help you reach this goal. I have helped people willing to lose weight, other who wanted to stop feeling bloated as well as parents who wanted to teach their children to eat healthier. With all these people I have developed a relation based on trust and I have guided them along the path to their final aims.


I am also a speaker with experience in different countries and I have worked as consultant for private individuals, companies, and schools. I have worked for several years at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and I have collaborated and taught at the University of Pavia (Italy).

Would you like to lose weight and keep it off and, at the same time, solve your health problems without extreme diets and avoiding the nasty yo-yo effect?

By following my dietary advice you will be able to lose weight in a progressive manner and to keep it off. I will help you rediscover a healthy relation with food, without giving up on the foods you like, but enjoying more the food you eat.

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We will discuss your problem together and we will make a plan to solve it in the best possible way.