Dr. Gianluca Tognon

Associate professor in public health and startup consultant, helping high performing individuals, starups and companies that work in the field of health, food, and nutrition.


Welcome To Gianluca Tognon

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Gianluca, a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant, supporting individuals, companies and startups with evidence-based tailored expertise. I’m realistic and practical, cutting through the often confusing world of health, food, and nutrition with a holistic approach, that is grounded in science.



Why startup companies?

I believe the primary challenge for many food companies is having an effective communication. While us scientists can be great at finding and reading the numbers behind the data, sometimes it can be a challenge to communicate the deeper meaning. Luckily, I can do both, which is the purpose of The Food Scientist.

  • Enhance the credibility of your products
  • Communicate the expertise of your brand and position it as a reliable source for information
  • Increase brand visibility, differentiate your products, and build customer loyalty
  • Provide you with the latest nutritional information
  • Design a corporate wellness strategy to improve the happiness, health, and productivity of your workforce




What diet is best for me?

Do you want to get to know me a little bit better? Sign up for my online course in diet and nutrition! This course is available on the Udemy platform. You can watch an introductory video here below.


1. Schedule a free call

Schedule a free call and get in touch with me if you are a team, school or startup with specific needs.

2. Ongoing consulting

Both my online and on-site consulting are fun, practical and include scientific expertise and guide you through the most recent scientific developments.

3. Reporting & delivery

After all ongoing consultations, you will receive a final report and feedback to support future developments.

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