I have a varied professional profile, including experience in research, higher education teaching, public speaking, nutrition coaching and scientific writing.

I worked as researcher for more than 15 years, particularly in the fields of public health nutrition and nutritional epidemiology. My resume includes several peer-reviewed publications. I also been involved in various EU projects that helped me develop numerous collaborations with researchers working in different European countries.

Seeking a health professional? What’s your criterion? A lot of people believe that almost all health specialists working in the similar field possess more or less identical set of skills. People usually make their decision based on the fee these professionals charge and their availability to help out dealing with a particular health condition. Well, the best advice I could ever give somebody who is seeking a health professional is to make his or her selection based on the qualification and experience of the person. This may sound a little superfluous to some of you, but it’s the best way.

My approach towards dealing with my client’s health is quite different from my fellow colleagues. I believe in providing personalized attention to each and every individual. To achieve this, I always try to establish a collaborative relationship with my clients in order to attain the best possible results – both in terms of healthier weight and improved health.

Dear readers, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself on this podium. My journey began years ago at the University of Pavia, Italy, where I obtained a degree in Biological Sciences followed by a 4-years specialization in Nutrition Science.

Well, it was just a beginning of my thriving career…

After completing my graduation, I started working at the bio molecular research laboratory of the National Research Council (NRC) located in Pavia where I learnt so many things. It was beginning of my practical career and undoubtedly the experience was amazing. The projects I handled during that span gave me an opportunity to polish my skills.

I then served for 3 years at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan where I worked at the oncology lab and had the chance to immerse myself in several cancer research projects. After that, I also worked at the Oncological Prevention Institute in Florence for 4 years.

And after that, Sweden!

After spending 4 incredible years in mesmerizing Florence, I then chose to leave for Sweden. The primary objective behind this move was to discover a new reality and experience new culture where I can particularly reinforce my professional skills.

In Sweden, I worked for seven years at the University of Gothenburg, which has been an unforgettable experience. I was employed as a nutritional epidemiologist at the department of public health where I was responsible to conduct a research using advanced statistical models and tools to determine the correlation between diet and health, in relation to longevity and overweight.

It was a long, intense period, but every day for me was like a new discovery. Trust me, working as a researcher in a foreign country on both national and European projects has been a superb experience. Not only I had an opportunity to collaborate with people from around the globe, but also had privilege to participate in many stimulant discussions.

I also had a chance to carry out some of the challenging projects there, which grabbed attention of some of the popular publications including the Washington Post. All these achievements coupled with my constant commitment and dedication has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. I then decided to introduce myself to another big challenge in my life. Something I always wanted to do. Yes, after 15 years of in-depth research and experience, I took a decision to work as a full-time entrepreneur. To achieve this, I initiated my very own innovative startup.

Curiosity and intense desire to discover new things is part of my personality. I like to be in constant move. That is why, despite everything, I continued to explore new worlds. Luckily, I had an opportunity to travel a lot and it has enabled me to meet several industry pros. This exposure led to better understanding of my field and I was able to develop more effective strategies that could help my clients live a better life.

I am very active in my field and I also engage in many complementary activities!

I’ve been actively working in the sphere of nutritional consultation for more than 10 years. This helped me expand my client circle all over Italy and Sweden. Thanks to a healthy and proper diet regime, I’ve been able to assist more than 1000 individuals so far. Notably, this figure includes people from all ages and health conditions.

Diet plays a crucial role in revamping our overall health. With a balanced diet it’s possible to prevent numerous chronic diseases including diabetes, high-cholesterol, obesity and even cancer. My goal is to help out people suffering from severe health conditions who wish to improve their living with assistance of a professional specialist instead of just relying on hazy information.

To grow means to deal with different cultures and issues!

My passion and love for my profession keeps me moving. I am currently working with school menus and numerous other food related projects for a number of companies.

My set of skills isn’t confined to coaching only. I am an inspirational public speaker, a multilingual and a persuasive leader. I often deliver lectures at both national and international conferences and events. In addition to that, I have been invited to speak at Harvard University in the US and at Barilla S.p.A in Italy.

I am also an active member of the American Association Toastmasters International whose purpose is to help its members improve their leadership and public speaking abilities. This commitment has led me to gain the recognition of Advanced Speaker and Advanced Leader.

My inclination towards helping others has pushed me to embrace high-value projects. I also worked as a volunteer for one of the WWF’s international Detox campaigns, the aim of which was to endorse the European REACH legislation on toxic chemicals. That was such a unique experience, during which I also penned several scientific reports. In recognition of my services, I’ve also been interviewed for TV and radio.

I believe in making continuous efforts to improve my skills and expertise. I know four languages including Italian, English, French and Swedish and worked for more than 10 years with some of the advanced statistical tools accessible worldwide. This not only helps me relate to clients present in different parts of the world, but also to study and deepen my knowledge in my preferred areas of interest. My knowledge and expertise enables me devise effective solutions for my clients through which I manage to bring hope to the people who unfortunately no longer believe in an effective solution to their health problems.

Well-being does not only mean a healthy body but also a healthy mind Trust me and we will work together to achieve the best results!

Teaching in higher education

Besides my activities as researcher, I have also been actively engaged in teaching in higher education, both in Sweden, at the University of Gothenburg, and in Italy, at the University of Pavia. My topics include global public health, clinical nutrition, epidemiology and nutritional epidemiology, nutritional coaching.

Public speaking

I consider myself both an effective communicator and trainer thanks to my strong orientation to alway delivering high quality speeches and classes. I have spoken at several national and international conferences. In particular, I was invited as a speaker by Harvard University (USA) and by the multinational company Barilla. I am an active member of Toastmasters International which awarded me the certificates of “Advanced Communicator” and “Advanced Leader” which further reinforce my curriculum of speaker and leader.

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