These are the use cases for my services and expertise

Reduced sick leaves of employees

Sick leaves are causing companies large costs every year. I help companies reduce the number and duration of their employees' sick leaves by empowering their staff with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace a healthier diet.

Increased work performance and stress resistance of managers and employees

I help companies increase their managers' and employees' work performance and stress resistance by providing a healthier diet. This is specifically relevant for managers who deal with large amounts of stress, work volumes and who also need to maintain extremely high work performances. This is particularly relevant to those workers involved in extreme working conditions such as people working on oil rigs, police officers, military, firefighters, hospital staff, ambulance staff, public transport employees, train and plane crew members.

Maximized physical performance and stress resistance

I help professional athletes and sportsmen/women to develop and maintain their maximum physical performance and stress resistance. This service can either be booked by an individual athlete or by sports organizations.

Wellness and healthy lifestyle at a minimal cost

I help organizations to provide wellness and healthy lifestyles to their customers, at a minimal cost. This is relevant to caterers, hotels, airlines, train-carriers, bus-carriers, SPAs and other companies.

Health and beauty through optimized nutrition at a minimal cost

I help food and beverage producers to develop products that increase and support health and beauty through optimized nutrition, at a minimal cost

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Health coaching programs for managers

To work as a corporate manager is really stressful and often implies a lot of travels. As a consequence, many managers report unhealthy eating habits, which are related to fatigue, weight gain, higher blood pressure, higher plasma glucose, and lipid levels as well as a greater cardiovascular risk.

To eat a healthier diet can definitely help them decrease stress and maximize performances among the managerial staff.

health coaching programs for managers

Attract new talents by showing corporate responsibility

All companies wish to become more attractive for talents. An excellent way to achieve this goal is to show corporate responsibility by offering wellness coaching programs for both employees and managers as well as to design healthier menus for the company's cafeteria.

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Training programs for dieticians, nutritionists and chefs

Training programs for dieticians, nutritionists, and chefs

The wellness industry is growing and so is the need for high-quality training programs for SPA and hotel staff who need to be constantly updated about the latest advancements in the fields of public health and dietetics.

Design of healthy and balanced menus

Restaurant clients are paying more attention to the nutritional properties of the food they order when they eat out. Particularly, there is a growing trend that has seen special diets (such as gluten-free, lactose-free, nickel-free, vegan or vegetarian) steadily grow in popularity. Therefore, restaurants need help to design their menus in order to be able to satisfy evolving customer needs.


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