Corporate wellness programs: The health and well-being of workers is a win-win for staff and employers

Health awareness is prevalent in the business world. The costs to business of poor health and strain, particularly in terms of reduced productivity and absenteeism are massive.

Did you know, more than 70% of American employers offer a wellness program for their workers? Not only healthy employees incur lower health costs, but those who take advantage of wellness are tend to be more active and productive.

Why should you consider a wellness program for your employees? Investing in your worker’s wellbeing can provide far-reaching benefits to your business. It establishes loyalty among workers and saves you money.

Too often people realize what nutrition suggestions need to be implemented in their diet. Wellness programs are one of the ways you can motivate your staff switch to healthy eating options. So skyrocket the productivity of your workers and your returns by creating a healthier and happier workplace environment.

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Healthy employees perform better at work

Imagine stressed out workers who consume lots of unhealthy food and don’t exercise being part of your workforce. How can you expect your business grow and excel with a team which is not even able to stay alert and attentive all the time?  By integrating a full-fledge wellness program, you can help your employees have a better lifestyle and give their best at work which will eventually improve your profit margins.

Less Margin of Errors

Business and accuracy go hand in hand. Healthy mind and body guarantees presence of mind which is key factor behind work accuracy and reduced errors.

Less Sick Leaves

A well-crafted wellness program for your workers will help them stay fit and sound all year round. The result? Reduced number of sick leaves the impact of which can be seen in shape of lower costs and more productivity.

Maximum Productivity and Output

Productivity is certainly the biggest factor affected when workers are not at their best. Reduced staff productivity points to a situation where someone isn’t able to perform well in spite of regularly giving his input. This is where an encompassing wellness program come into play.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Lower health costs for your company

What’s important about worker’s wellness program is that they are devised to amend the behavioral patterns that can trigger many chronic illnesses. That’s why when workers try to change their behavior and reactions to different situations, the result is curtailed healthcare costs for the company.

How Can I Help You Design an All-Inclusive Wellness Plan For Your Employees?

Whether you own a small-sized business or a colossal business empire with hundreds and thousands of workers, if you take your staff healthy seriously, you’re at the right place.

My mission is to support companies with the promotion of healthy diets and wellbeing to their employees and their customers. I have a degree in Biology with specialization in human nutrition. I have been working as a consultant to individuals, companies and organizations respecting healthy nutrition, wellness and prevention for over 15 years.


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Healthy and nutritional diet is one of the ways you can lower down your stress levels and optimize overall performance. The role of top-level managerial staff is crucial and implies many hectic activities including traveling. As a result, managers often eat unhealthily, which can be a cause of fatigue, exhaustion, obesity and other chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases. A balanced diet can help them stay active and alert while performing their day-to-day activities.

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I offer a variety of diet and nutritional health workshops and specialized lectures that can be custom-made to meet your individual needs. From unearthing the best foods you should be eating more often to stress management through proper diet and nutrition, these lectures and seminars will cover almost every aspect of healthy eating and its benefits on your worker’s lifestyle.

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Well thought out team building cooking activities will not only bring together your staff, but also helps them learn the trendiest yet healthy eating approaches fit for the corporate culture. It’s one of the ways I try to develop better stress management capabilities within individuals that also helps in the growth of personal and professional affiliations.

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People are more informed and attentive than ever before. This is a good reason why companies should consider being more interested in introducing healthy and balanced canteen menu in their organization covering gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free or other diet choices for their workers. I can help your staff design highly nutritious menus that will keep your workers active and productive the whole day long.