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Travellers not only want a holiday, they want a holiday with a purpose

Lifestyle travels are everyday more popular, people not only want a holiday, they want a holiday with a purpose. And what better purpose than improving your health while relaxing in a nice hotel or having dinner in a fancy restaurant? Claiming that you work with an experienced nutritionist and food scientist to help your clients live longer by eating a healthy diet is definitely the best marketing strategy nowadays. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer your clientele a perk that they will certainly appreciate (and pay more for it).

During the past 10 years I have been coaching over 1,000 people helping them eat a better and tastier diet. My recipe database includes more than 300 healthy recipes that can be adapted to different taste, dietary restrictions and calorie requirement. Notably, I also have recipes for sugar-free desserts that your clients will love!

I can work with your staff and help them revise the menu and make it healthier without sacrificing taste. In addition to that, I can also help you sell healthy meal plans for your clients.

Nudge your clients to a healthier diet

Many people know that they should eat more fruit and veggies and replace animal protein with vegetal proteins. But they have a hard time doing that! You can nudge them to a healthier lifestyle by leveraging on behavioural theories.

Did you know for instance that offering a salad bar and positioning it at the centre of the dining room actually increases the chances that people will consume up to 40% more vegetables? I can give you many other ideas to inspire your clients to eat healthily. And claim you do this as a smart marketing strategy of course!


Informed clients are healthier clients

We all want to live a healthy life and eat better. But what does this mean? You can improve your communications by highlighting on your menus all options related to dietary restrictions: which dishes are gluten free? Or lactose free? But also: vegan, low in nickel or in Fodmap?

You can go even further and offer super foods such as Brazilian nuts, claiming they are the most concentrated selenium source: an antioxidant which is also essential for thyroid function. Again, more food for thoughts for your clients and more opportunities to get paid more for your service.

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Why me?

I am Italian and good food is in my DNA. Also, during the past 15 years, I have been working both as diet coach and as researcher at the international level, in Italy and, more recently, in Sweden where I currently live. My experience in Scandinavia taught me that even a country that is far from the Mediterranean Sea can apply the concepts of a healthy Mediterranean diet and enjoy all the benefits that come from it: a longer life, a reduced risk of chronic disease to name a few.