My name is Gianluca Tognon, I am a researcher, nutrition coach and author of several publications. My job is to understand how I can help my clients solve their problems with diet and weight, escorting them to their goals by supporting them with my advice, my competence and my reliability.
My long experience in research has helped me understand the importance of building a constructive relation with my clients, so that I can share with them the success of reaching the goals we set together.

Ever since I started working with my first client, my goal has always been the same – to distinguish myself as a person who loves interacting with others, showing myself for what I am, and aiming to be a role model for other people.

Gianluca Tognon

I was a Different Person Then…

No matter how unlikely this may seem, I was living a completely different life until the age of 18. I was very shy and going out with other people of my age and experiencing things that usually enrich the life of a teenager were unreachable goalsfor me.

Well, I believe my life would have been normal if I was a little more communicative towards my peers and had an extrovert personality. However, things changed with time and I managed to turn my fears into strength. Thanks to the unconditional love and passion I hold for my work, I can proudly say that today I know people from different parts of the world.

I like to travel a lot. Not only for my incredible desire to discover the world, culture, and traditions, but also to increase my knowledge so that I can make it available to every single person I meet. Although I have already achieved some remarkable milestones, I do not want to stop. As a nutritionist, my goal is to assimilate concepts from other people’s experiences that allow me to develop concrete strategies to help my clients feel better.

We’re living in a digital era and thanks to the enormous potential of the web, today anyone can turn himself into an improvised nutritionist after reading a few blog posts. Although I do not want to undermine the category, I still believe that it is important to distinguish between the serious professionals with years of extensive experience in the field of health and nutrition from those who have gained their knowledge by just doing an online course. The health industry is a demanding profession and recommendations coming from such inept individuals will result in serious health risks for the clients.

My Career...

I do not consider myself as a simple nutritionist, but as a man who is capable of dreaming. Therefore, my career in these years has allowed me to address the problems of so many people, by giving them the best advice and help them solve their problems once and for all.

I believe in developing long-lasting relationships with my clients...

My working philosophy is inclined towards establishing good relationships with my clients. By doing so not only helps me understand their requirements, but it also enables my clients put trust into my methods. There is nothing better than bringing a smile back to someone’s face, to stretch out a hand to those who really need help, and changing someone’s life by offering him/her a healthier lifestyle.

My scope of work isn’t confined to consultation and coaching only. Currently, I am also working for schools and other companies who’re directly or indirectly engaged in food-related projects. I develop result-oriented strategies for not only adults but for teenagers and kids too. A lot of concerned parents get in touch with me asking for help in devising suitable diet plans that could improve eating habits of their children, and every time I look into their eyes, I get motivated to deliver my best.

As mentioned earlier, I am an avid traveler. I lived in Sweden for several years and worked on numerous research projects there. In addition to that, I’ve taught dozens of students at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Pavia.

My research projects were mostly focused on the Mediterranean dietand its benefits. The role of diet in human life is incredible. With a proper food plan, you can safely improve your body weight as well as your health and well-being in both adults and children. The Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly one of the healthiest and most balanced ones, and I recommend it to everyone!

Here are some links to my previous research:

The constant training not only helps me acquire impeccable results, but it also assists me in creating a solid foundation to look after others who’re suffering from various health problems. This is my ideology, the same I try to convey to my students, the same that has been under the eyes of my colleagues and the clients I’ve had a chance to work with.

Some curiosities about my eating habits ...

To date, I can say that my diet is quite healthy, but I’ve to admit it that things weren’t always the same. This is an outcome of continuous effort, patience and persistence I’ve come across for years. Yes, just like you, I also had to fight against cravings for sugar and junk food.

I've always been an extremely glutton person, and everyone knows it is not easy to say goodbye to your old (unhealthy) habits, but I made it and now I feel fit and healthier than ever before.

All these small yet persuasive changes have managed to cultivate me and this is what I usually recommend to my clients.

My objective is to persuade my patrons and encourage them to never give up. My empathic approach helps me a lot in providing my clients with a practical and tailor-made advice that they can follow to achieve their goals.

I love to put myself in the shoes of the people I coach so that I can understand their fears and transform them into their biggest strengths.

Do not call me a nutritionist! I am your ultimate partner and a guide that will bring you closer to the goals you have in mind.


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To learn how to eat a healthy diet is a fundamental step to be healthier. To improve your relation with food and reduce the feeling of deprivation, eating in a more mindful way and start to enjoy each single food is essential.

As your nutrition coach, I can leverage on my previous experience with over 800 clients to help you reach this goal. I have helped people willing to lose weight, other who wanted to stop feeling bloated as well as parents who wanted to teach their children to eat healthier. With all these people I have developed a relation based on trust and I have guided them along the path to their final aims.

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I am also a speaker with experience in different countries and I have worked as consultant for private individuals, companies, and schools. I have worked for several years at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and I have collaborated and taught at the University of Pavia (Italy).

Would you like to lose weight and keep it off and, at the same time, solve your health problems without extreme diets and avoiding the nasty yo-yo effect?

By following my dietary advice you will be able to lose weight in a progressive manner and to keep it off. I will help you rediscover a healthy relation with food, without giving up on the foods you like, but enjoying more the food you eat.

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