Gordon Ramsay’s Top Weight Loss Tips

Gordon Ramsey

Are you looking for some weight loss tips? Some would say that there are no bigger inspiring or influential people than those we see in the media.

We constantly hear about what is new with them, and as a result, some of them provide the perfect motivation for us to make positive changes in our lives. One of the things that people look towards them for is the energy to start and maintain the journey to a better diet and weight loss.

When the Grammy award-winning singer Adele revealed her dramatic weight loss of 100lb, it instantly evoked comment and conversation in the media, with pictures of her transformation appearing everywhere. Her reveal was said to have ‘blown up the internet’ by some people, highlighting just how influential celebrities can be.

Now, a celebrity chef may not seem the perfect weight loss model in comparison, but Gordon Ramsay is different. The Scottish master of the kitchen is known worldwide, not only for his Michelin star rated cuisine but also for the persona he has built in the modern mainstream media.

His shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip have been broadcast extensively and have made him one of the most recognisable faces on the planet. That even extends to digital media, too. His imagery is front and centre of the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen online slot on Foxy Bingo – one of the few celebs to be used in this way. That underlines his worldwide appeal beyond the kitchen, something that’s also reflected in his mobile gaming app, Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay. Not forgetting his voice is also heard on the big screen, as his dulcet tones could be heard as Baker Smurf in the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Ramsay is also a true fitness guru; he’s competed in various Ironman competitions and loves nothing more than getting out on his bicycle. He’s lost over 50lb, so he’s as much of an inspiration as anyone if you’re looking to begin your weight loss program.

Weight loss tip 1: Eating more healthy fats

Eating more fats isn’t usually associated with dieting, but Ramsay has added in more foods containing fatty acids such as salmon. Our bodies digest fats slower than other nutrients, so following this meal plan increases satiety, something mentioned in a previous post on ‘50 Healthy Meal Plans’. This means you’re likely to stave off the feeling of hunger for longer. As well as eating healthier, Ramsay also suggests drinking a few glasses of water prior to any meal, making you feel better but more importantly, it means you’re likely to eat a smaller portion of food, too.

Weight loss tip 2: Regular workouts

Ramsay prioritises exercise and activity; he prefers to workout in the morning. He says, “I just try to workout on shoot days or when I’m in the kitchen early in the morning so I’m energised throughout the day.” The Scot also says that getting out on a bike ride also lifts his mood and contributes to his healthier lifestyle. “The more I train, the more normal I am, the more I feel that I’m still unchanged. It’s another little reminder of who I really am,” Ramsay admitted.

Weight loss tip 3: Reducing dairy input

The British chef has cut down his intake of dairy significantly as part of his diet which has also helped his mood as well as his weight loss. However, it’s been difficult as he loves nothing more than a cup of tea or coffee. Despite the difficulty of changing his drinking habits, Ramsay admitted that cutting milk and creams out of his diet has made him feel more positive throughout the day. “No milk, just because it’s sluggish. [I have] Almond milk with Weetabix for breakfast, dropping milk and cheese has made a massive difference.”

Losing weight can be a daunting challenge, but a few clear weight loss tips can make a huge difference!

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