I have a varied professional profile, including experience in research, higher education teaching, public speaking, nutrition coaching and scientific writing.

I worked as researcher for more than 15 years, particularly in the fields of public health nutrition and nutritional epidemiology. My resume includes several peer-reviewed publications. I also been involved in various EU projects that helped me develop numerous collaborations with researchers working in different European countries.

Cutting fruits

University of Göteborg (Sweden)

Associate professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg (Sweden).


Project: effects of the Mediterranean diet across the lifespan

This project, now concluded, has produced several publications as well as several mentions by the international press, including the Washington Post and the Mail, among others. I have also written a contribution for the US Huffington Post where I wrote that the Swedish children eat a more Mediterranean diet than those living in South Europe.


Project: Dairy intakes and mortality in Sweden

During the past 3 years I have been doing research on the association between different types of dairy products and longevity in the Swedish population and, together with my former colleagues, we have shown that fermented milk products can have different health effects compared to non-fermented milk. Follow my publications in PubMed to know in what way they differ!


Teaching in higher education

Besides my activities as researcher, I have also been actively engaged in teaching in higher education, both in Sweden, at the University of Gothenburg, and in Italy, at the University of Pavia. My topics include global public health, clinical nutrition, epidemiology and nutritional epidemiology, nutritional coaching.

Public speaking

I consider myself both an effective communicator and trainer thanks to my strong orientation to alway delivering high quality speeches and classes. I have spoken at several national and international conferences. In particular, I was invited as a speaker by Harvard University (USA) and by the multinational company Barilla. I am an active member of Toastmasters International which awarded me the certificates of “Advanced Communicator” and “Advanced Leader” which further reinforce my curriculum of speaker and leader.

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