Restaurant menu ideas: do you need help?

restaurant menu ideas

Restaurant menu ideas: find new ones is a super serious affair

Restaurant menu ideas: to find new ones is not only about displaying your list of offerings along with prices and pictures, but it actually portrays the overall personality of your eatery. Thus, careful thought and imagination should be involved while deciding the menu that you are about to offer to your visitors.

Isn’t it too much to ask from your chef to do this difficult task all alone? Here you need the assistance of a professional nutritionist who could make the entire process of planning, preparing and presenting your restaurant menu as easy as a breeze. Not only it will augment your chances of success but also boosts your trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Restaurant menu ideas: What should be Included in your menu

There is absolutely no harm in keeping your stuff trendy, but you should also consider an element of uniqueness in your restaurant menu.  Instead of focusing on popular things such as burger or fish and chips, try to offer some healthy alternatives to your diners. A dedicated section for specialized diets such as keto, gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free, paleo, and vegan, for instance, is an excellent way to attract your health-conscious visitors.

Restaurant menu ideas: Give choices and show your customers you care

You can do this by introducing something different from the conventional options. For example, including scrambled eggs with cheese into the keto section of your menu. Similarly, shrimp with broccoli, cabbage, and orange salad can be added in the lunch corner of your paleo section. Introducing sugar free mousses, puddings and other desserts is a great idea too.

Need further assistance? I can help you and your chef introduces specialized diet menus to your customers. Get in touch with me now and let’s discuss!

Restaurant menu ideas: Specialized Kids Menu

If your establishment is a family dining, don’t forget to allot a special section for kids in your menu. Full-sized portions are generally a lot of food than required, too costly or unwanted for kids. Keeping a balanced selection of perfectly-portioned menu can help you earn an appreciable amount of family patronage.

Tip – You can introduce a mini/junior version of your already existent items like mini vegetarian burgers, pasta dishes, etc. By availing my service dedicated to restaurant owners and hotelliers, you would be able to grab hundreds of other kid-friendly restaurant menu ideas I have in store.

What do I Offer?

Customers today are becoming more health conscious than ever before. Obviously, it’s not possible for your restaurant chef to plan a menu that incorporates the right mix of everything that you can cater to your health-conscious visitors.

The consultation I offer isn’t about food advice or planning only. It will be an all-inclusive package covering training sessions and arrangement of specialized cooking classes to demonstrate all things practically.

For further discussion and appointments feel free to drop me a message and I will help you plan, prepare and present a wonderfully balanced menu for our business.

Gianluca Tognon

Gianluca Tognon

Gianluca Tognon is an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. He started his career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden. He has been involved in several EU research projects and has extensively worked and published on the association between diet, longevity and cardiovascular risk across the lifespan, also studying potential interactions between diet and genes. His work about the Mediterranean diet in Sweden has been cited by many newspapers worldwide including the Washington Post and The Telegraph among others. As a speaker, he has been invited by Harvard University and the Italian multi-national food company Barilla.

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I’m an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. I started MY career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden.

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