Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling – Secrets from My Trip to Malta

Eat healthy in Malta

With its mesmerizing blue waters and amazing landscape, Malta is certainly the paradise for swimmers and scenic beauty fanatics. It’s a pretty tiny island with heavenly sights and breathtaking beaches. Besides natural beauty, the reduced tax rate and pleasant climate also make this place an attractive destination for digital nomads looking for a place to work remotely while enjoying a warm climate.

Although my two weeks planned vacations weren’t enough to explore every corner of this beautiful place, I somehow managed to experience some of the finest people, gorgeous views and typical dishes this island has to offer.

I also expect to get some incredible clients from Malta, since it’s common to see nutritionists there and also the place was full of many Italian expats and tourists (that’s may be because the distance of Malta from Italy is very short (90km off the Sicilian Coast to be specific).

As far as the food is concerned, I must say it was challenging for the person like me who believe in consuming balanced diet on daily basis. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of cafés, bars, bakeries and restaurants that offer a variety of delicacies (both local as well as international), finding a perfect place that focuses on healthy eating was a daunting task.

Luckily, there are a few places, even in the most unexpected locations like the Popeye Village, where adults and children can have fun with the entertainment offered by the staff of this park and have a dip in a calm bay. However, even there I was able to find at least a healthy veggie version of the typical burger. The best part is it tasted divine and since it wasn’t loaded with mayo and cheese, it was nutritious as well.

The local cuisine is loaded with high-carb foods such as the typical “pastizzi” (a savory pastry filled with cheese or peas) and it seems that rabbit dishes were very popular. However, you can also find some delectable fish dishes very similar to the ones we have in Italy on the list as well.

I would suggest you not to waste your hard earned money on buying pizzas in Malta (and coming this from an Italian says it all). The pizzas were over stuffed and far from authentic (a real Neapolitan pizzaiolo in San Giljan was an exception though).

The best way to eat healthy food in Malta is to cook it yourself (only if it’s convenient for you). Arkadia, Valyou and some of the other popular supermarkets include a section for healthy food having fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish as well as gluten-free and vegan alternatives for the buyers.

Not only you would be able to find these healthy ingredients at the mart, but they also offer some healthful ready-made eating options for the customers. I’ve tried quinoa salad from there which tasted good, but I had to add a few more vegetables in it since it didn’t contain many. You can also buy a sucrose-free vegetable or fruit smoothie from there, but again, the amount of fiber present in these drinks were much less than the fiber content in real fruits and vegetables (I had a smoothie which contained 3g fiber per liter, which means you’ll need to drink 10 litres to reach the daily recommended intake of fiber).

Besides these local superstores and eateries, you’ll also find British health store chains like Hollands and Barrets, a great place if you are looking for “free from” foods as well as for healthy food options such as nuts, no added sugar snacks, and breakfast cereals among others. I spent a few days in San Giljan and explored the surroundings up to La Valletta and the three cities and, among the good eating options I found, I had a smoothie and a wrap at Eeet well and Dr. Juice. These are nice places where you can eat better food than other local fast food options. However, some smoothies I think contained sugar (or sorbet) and wraps are not necessarily low-calorie. Eeet well also sells nice salads.

In conclusion, Malta is a great place to visit. Although it will be difficult to find low-calorie and healthy eating options there, you can always take benefit from nature’s blessings and include more and more fruits and veggies into your diet to stay fit.

If you’re also planning your holidays and need assistance in making a perfect diet plan for you, I can help! Please get in touch with me by simply filling a form available on www.gianlucatognon.com to book a life-changing coaching session on Skype. I would love to hear back from you!

Gianluca Tognon

Gianluca Tognon

Gianluca Tognon is an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. He started his career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden. He has been involved in several EU research projects and has extensively worked and published on the association between diet, longevity and cardiovascular risk across the lifespan, also studying potential interactions between diet and genes. His work about the Mediterranean diet in Sweden has been cited by many newspapers worldwide including the Washington Post and The Telegraph among others. As a speaker, he has been invited by Harvard University and the Italian multi-national food company Barilla.

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I’m an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. I started MY career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden.

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