10 Reasons why you’re always exhausted

10 reasons why you're always exhausted

Are you wondering which are the reasons why you’re always exhausted?

Competition has never been as challenging as in this fast-paced digital world. You’re always living on the edge. A thriving career is what you want. But, some obstructions push you back to the shore, leaving you worn out and unfulfilled. 

Whether it’s unwanted exhaustion or impatience to continue with persistence, I believe there are ten common reasons why most people get exhausted. 

These are everyday situations, and the list gets simple as you go. It’s helpful, and I recommend specific actions to build and sustain energy for poor performance in every sphere of life. So, follow along!

1. You do not drink enough water

how to drink more water

Studies show that dehydration is the cause of 12% of unwanted exhaustion cases.

Make sure you sip on a fair amount of fluids throughout your day. A lack of water can hamper your thinking process. It’s said that a low level of water in the body can obstruct you from thinking clearly. 

Fruit drinks are also a possibility. However, try not to overdo them because of the high amounts of sugar present in them. 

Tea and herbal teas are also good. A half lemon squeezed into your water bottle from which you drink after your morning walk could be a fantastic energizer. So, make sure you’re drinking 2 liters of water every day. 

Remember: No Water = Low Energy and Poor Focus

2. You overeat sugary foods

10 reasons why you are always exhausted

Sugary foods, including chocolates, desserts, and biscuits, are highly tempting. Consuming these during the day will surely give you an apparent boost of energy. However, you should not mistake this as your energizer for the day. 

The energy boost you get from refined sugar, and processed foods last for only a short while. What you experience later is the inability to focus on tasks. Another evil of consuming refined sugar is that you have continuous sweet cravings. It all pushes you into an endless loop. You lose energy and not only find it hard to focus on your tasks, but you’re also physically exhausted. 

So, you must have control over your sugar cravings. As an alternative, you may push your sweet tooth over the weekend as you can’t afford to commit to investing energy on hand and lose focus from the other without any control. 

Therefore, avoid refined sugar. 

As an alternative, I recommend you choose fruit, vegetables, and dried fruit for your snacks. You may also try beans and other legumes as they are incredibly healthy. These foods contain natural sugar and slow processing carbs, allowing you to stay focused and sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

3. You miss your daily calorie requirements

daily calorie requirements

For many people, it is imperative to keep up with the busy schedule. But it’s smarter to have the energy to do that. You can’t go all-in for your work if you haven’t had anything in your day. Declining energy levels may also hamper your productivity at work. What follows is a never-ending list related to unwanted work performance. 

I recommend you to keep fresh fruit or nuts and beans for your snack time. These will keep you fresh as you power through your busy schedule at work and the gym. While taking calories, you have to be mindful of processed carbs. 

You may not want to include the latter into your diet. As I mentioned earlier, these will eat out your energy eventually. So, don’t miss out on your daily calories. Have your meals on time! Make healthy choices!

4. You might suffer from vitamin deficiency

10 reasons why you're always exhausted

Vitamins are essential for the body to help you function stronger and with efficiency. 

If you feel exhausted for no apparent reason, you may want to check on your vitamins. Are you taking enough vitamins? An iron deficiency or a lack of vitamin A is often the cause of diminishing energy levels. 

Vitamin C from lemons, oranges, and kiwis will give you a boost of energy. Including high-fiber foods that contain natural sugar, such as bananas, apples, and kidney beans, may help you maintain an adequate level of vitamin intake. 

The most important of all is to get exposed to the sunlight. You may have vitamin D deficiency if you don’t go out in the sun and spend most of your day staying indoors. 

Healthy sunlight exposure will help you be active during your morning and lighten up your mood and help you sustain energy levels throughout the day.

5. You rely too much on coffee for staying focused

coffee for staying focused

It’s perfect to be active and focused while you’re working. Caffeine is often seen as an effective agent to boost up energy levels at work. However, caffeine adversely affects your nervous system and what you end up having is low sleep quality. 

When you drink too many cups of coffee, you may find yourself doing better with focusing on your job, but you would end up disturbing your sleep. 

At worse, you may even end up becoming a night owl who finds it hard to sleep peacefully. So, reduce caffeine and coffee consumption. Do not see coffee as an agent to stimulate your level of focus on the job. 

6. You rely on energy drinks for a boost

energy drinks for a boost

Energy drinks are no better than caffeinated beverages. These may give you a boost of energy for a game, workout, or when you’re playing a sport. However, the energy you gain is not healthy at all. It’s just a hook that lasts only for a short period.

Energy drinks carry lots of caffeine, which is at least five times more than what you have in coffee. These drinks are not healthy at all. Plus, since energy drinks are often flavored and sweet to add a fizzy touch to the taste, these may also contain lots of sugar. When allowed to enter the body, refined sugar will gradually eat up your energy levels, leaving you exhausted. 

Just like caffeine, energy drinks can also be incredibly addictive.

You may experience exhaustiveness if you haven’t had any during the day. The problem is when you see an energy drink as an agent to boost your energy; you start to rely on it excessively. 

Excessive reliance on energy drinks to remain active is not a good idea. 

Therefore, I recommend you to reduce the intake of energy drinks as much as possible. If you wish to exclude it from your diet, it’s certainly not any less desirable. 

7. You do not exercise enough

10 reasons why you're always exhausted

You probably know that physical activity is highly recommended. However, it’s not just a morning walk or jogs you need to include in your schedule; try to do a better job by making time for a proper workout at least 2-3 times a week. Consuming a lot of healthy calories is a good idea only if you burn them. Instead, if you’re planning to be a couch potato for most days each week, then you may just want to think otherwise. 

You must exercise to get in shape and build a healthy body. Strengthening your muscles with little-to-moderately intense workouts helps your body release endorphins. The latter are hormones that make you feel good. Exercise is the prime ingredient for building a positive mindset that always finds a way to thrive over problems.

Besides, when you exercise or go for a morning jog, you replenish energy levels and delay the aging process. Physical activity also conditions your body, helping you build resilience to disease. 

A healthy body can work for long hours, which will enhance your productivity.

A reason why you get tired too early is that you’ve conditioned your body for little to no physical activity. Get out and go for a morning run or plan a daily healthy workout routine. You’ll not only be active throughout the day but will surely finish your day’s tasks with powerful performance. 

8. Your sleep too little, and you get too much screen time

lack of sleep

For many people, the reason for their exhaustion is often a lack of sleep. Research shows that we need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to replenish our energy during the night. A lack of sleep is also a primary trigger for stress. Make time for bed, and make sure you have a good night’s sleep. 

Along with not sleeping enough, sleep quality is of primary concern and even more important than sleep duration. For most people, low sleep quality is mainly due to sleeping during the day or going to bed at different times every night. 

You should avoid this mistake, especially when you want to get rid of the fatigue accumulated during the day. It is essential to follow a good routine and see your bed early at night. Try to ensure that you’re going to bed at the same time every day. 

You may also be surprised to know that checking on social media before bedtime will hamper your sleep quality in the worst possible manner. The blue light emission from digital screens signals your eyes that daylight has come again. Exposure to light from your phone before going to bed disrupts your circadian rhythm, causing you trouble falling asleep. 

Stop checking your phone at least one hour before you go to bed. A good night’s sleep is essential to induce efficiency in your work performance and help you build creative problem-solving.  

9. You consume too much alcohol

you consume too much alcohol

Alcohol has severe consequences on sleep quality. Intoxicating with your friends at night will not help you feel energized the day after. 

When you have too much alcohol, you can only sleep for a short part of the night, and your sleep quality worsens. Since alcohol is extraordinarily addictive and damaging to our health, make sure you consume it in moderate amounts to stay healthy, resilient, and focused. 

10. You don’t have enough time for yourself

10 reasons why you're always exhausted

There’s no doubt that you’re putting in your best at work and trying your level best to sustain relationships. Having a busy schedule to have a fantastic career is desirable. However, you may want to have some time for yourself as well. 

You may feel mentally exhausted when you don’t allow time for yourself. To meditate and taking some time off to discover yourself could be an idea. Doing something you’ve always wanted to do in your leisure time may be fantastic. This will not only help you build creativity but will elevate your mood for the long run. It’s always essential to have this ‘me time’ if not every day, at least a few times every week. 

So, remember to make time for yourself first!

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Gianluca Tognon is an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. He started his career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden. He has been involved in several EU research projects and has extensively worked and published on the association between diet, longevity and cardiovascular risk across the lifespan, also studying potential interactions between diet and genes. His work about the Mediterranean diet in Sweden has been cited by many newspapers worldwide including the Washington Post and The Telegraph among others. As a speaker, he has been invited by Harvard University and the Italian multi-national food company Barilla.

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I’m an Italian nutrition coach, speaker, entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Gothenburg. I started MY career as a biologist and spent 15 years working both in Italy and then in Sweden.

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